Links to Other Sites

Davies Memorial Library By-Laws

Waterford School

Vermont State Department of Libraries

Waterford-VT Historical Society

Town of Waterford

2 responses to “Links to Other Sites

  1. Judy

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask but, I needed a starting place. from 1956-1967 I lived as a child in the second house down from the library. At Christmas time every house, and the Inn, and the library put a Red candle in every window that faced the street. A wreath on the front doors. Think of a all white village with snow all around and the candles lite in the windows at night, no other lights or decorations, it felt magical. Any photos my parents might of had have been lost, are there any in the library, Inn or town archives that I might get copies from. I now live in Oregon but my heart will always be in Lower Waterford, Vermont. Thank you for your time, Judith Chandler Shade

  2. What a lovely memory. You might be interested in the Waterford Historical Society blog:

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