Upcoming Events

ECHO LAKE AQUARIUM AND SCIENCE CENTER- If you’re headed to Burlington bring this pass along with you for the reduced admission of $4 per person for up to four people.  Call or e-mail to check availability or to reserve.  For more information about ECHO, check out echovermont.org


Discussion Series:  Seminal Statements of American Values

 Founding documents and landmark speeches help us to understand America’s operating principles and values – what they mean, how well we practice what we preach, and what relationship words have to action in good times and bad.

 Join us as Alan Berolzheimer leads us in discussion about five of the most pivotal speeches and documents in American history.

Declaration of Independence- August 22nd at 6:30

Constitution of the United States- September 9th at 6:30

Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address and

FDR, The Four Freedoms- October 18th at 6:30

(rescheduled due to illness)

Martin Luther King, Jr., I Have a Dream- November 8th at 6:30

Documents will be available to the public two weeks prior to each program.  If you would like to reserve copies please contact the library.  Programs will begin with a brief historical background of each document followed by group discussion of the relevance of each in today’s world. This discussion series is made possible with grant funding through the Vermont Humanities Council.

 Alan Berolzheimer has directed the book publishing program of the Vermont Historical Society since 1998. He is also the project historian and assistant director of The Flow of History, a Teaching American History program providing professional development activities to Vermont teachers. Alan received a Ph.D. in 20th-century U.S. History from the University of Virginia in 1996.

First and Third Thursdays of every month from 1:00-3:00- Rug Hooking.  Are you a rug hooker or just want to check out what it’s all about? Join them with your equipment and materials or bring your questions, curiosity and respect for such a beautiful art!  All ages and abilities welcome.  Free and open to the public.

Fourth Wednesday of the month at 6:30- Waterford Historical Society. Currently on break until Spring 2018.  There are many projects and discussion topics being tackled by this group.  Everything from barns, to cemeteries, school houses to roads- one thing is for certain you will walk away from a meeting having learned more than you walked in with!  Join them to learn or share, or just listen.  All are welcome.  Check out their blog for more information.





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